Marketing and Business Development within a VUCA Environment

East Midlands

Today’s business environment is ever more Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA). This is particularly true witihin professional services where market disruption is coming from new entrants to the sector as well as from the rise in digital technology and AI.

As marketers, how do we ensure that we drive our firms' business development and marketing agenda to navigate this current environment successfully?


GDPR: what you need to know

North West

We have brought together speakers from both sides of the GDPR coin - law and data. Steve and Pete will talk you through all you need to know about GDPR broken down into easy steps:

  • Where we are now in relation to data laws?
  • What is coming?
  • How will GDPR change things?
  • What do you need to do?
  • How do you get things right

GDPR – Everything you ever wanted to ask


This session offers a panel with both a data & privacy lawyer, and a CRM marketing consultant, to give you a unique opportunity to get both a practical and a compliance answer to your critical questions.

You will leave feeling more prepared, armed with tangible answers and ready to implement plans for your firm’s own “Countdown to Compliance”.


GDPR – Getting Through The Maze

West Midlands

This session will look at  how Wright Hassall’s approach to client data and marketing activities will change. It will include:

  • What is in the GDPR legislation
  • How GDPR will impact firms (Processors and Controllers)
  • How to decide if you need additional support in carrying out a compliance review
  • How to apply your compliance privacy by design change programme
  • How to make your firm stands out

We will also look at the effect GDPR will have on:

Data processors 
Data controllers 


Navigating the merger maze: lessons from the front


Topics that will be covered during this session include:

  • Recommended communication with internal and external audiences
  • How to manage brand communication
  • Tips for integration
  • How to proactively retain employee trust
  • How cultures can come together for a merger of equals
  • Brand strategy and integration to deliver a consistent client experience
  • Managing general brand promotion in the public sphere during this potentially tricky time

This session is aimed at anyone working in marketing teams that may experience a union of cultures, departments or firms in the future. We will seek to address common issues in devising an integrated strategy to consider the intangible factors in the merger.