How to fail at corporate innovation

North West

A business model that worked 10 years ago may be out of date tomorrow. But most firms are not set up to innovate well and adapt to these changes. How can you ensure that your business not only doesn’t get left behind, but is ahead of the field?

This session will explore the common barriers to innovation that companies face, and how you can avoid falling into these traps and ensure you stay relevant.


Make your ROI roar – commercial conversations with stakeholders


This promises to be a lively, practical session that will sharpen your focus on discussing the impact of your campaigns and business development, as well as help your career progression.


GDPR – everything you need to know before May 2018


With just over eight months to go before enforcement of the new regulations, PM Forum Ireland will be running this seminar to educate professional services marketers on what to expect and how to adhere to the strict new regulation. We will offer best practice guidance on data management, process logging, data retention and that all-important element: ensuring your electronic marketing activities reflect compliance. 


How to be GDPR compliant


This session will help to highlight both the similarities and differences between the proposed new legislation and the current Data Protection legislation with a focus on the changes of storing personal data, and will also provide simple pointers and advice on how to ensure your firm is fully compliant with the new rules.