Monday 15 May 2017

Always ask your client what is important to them. This was the underlying theme of the talk at the first PM Forum event hosted in Exeter at Michelmores Solicitors. 

Hilary Broadley and Anna Rushall from Broadley Speaking gave a great presentation on marketing in the 21st century. To coin a phrase that Hilary used, ‘plus ça change’ – the more things change, the more they stay the same. However from the session it was clear we need to challenge this and be open to new ways of working.

What has changed?

We have changed the way that we do business, in the past people were information hungry without easy access information and we always targeted the decision maker. But nowadays we are constantly bombarded by information.  Behaviours have changed, people hunt in packs, it isn’t necessarily the CEO who is making the decision you need to think harder about who you are selling to and target multiple buyers in an organisation.

The way we communicate has also changed, with the internet and mobile devises, there are so many options. Are we thinking about the client and their needs? How do they wish to be communicated with and what do they need/want? Walk through their prospect journey with them. When communicating, always remember to think about where the client is in their purchasing journey. If the timing is not right, touch base again in six months time.

Don’t be afraid to question the status quo

Educate your internal clients; they need to embrace these changes too.  Just because it’s something they’ve always done doesn’t make it right.  Take on an advisory role. Brief, plan, execute, report and review. To help you and them communicate better, you could use colour insights, this shows you how they wish to be communicated with and you can adapt your behaviour to suit their style.

When working on marketing campaigns always remember the why? Questions, not facts are your most powerful sales tool. And if a campaign is not working part way through, be brave enough to say so. Think about ongoing nurturing of the campaign and always remember what is important to the client.

And finally, it is always great practice to sit down regularly and think about what you will stop doing, what you will start doing and what you will continue doing to focus your mind and campaigns.

Written by Rachel Lingley
Marketing Assistant, Stephens Scown LLP